How can i pass a drug test fast?

chewie Asked: How can i pass a drug test fast?

Hi, i have a job interview tomorrow at 2:30 i dont think they will ask me to take a drug test the same day even if i get the job. I smoked this morning and last night, ive been drinkin alot of Iced Tea and water, i am 5'11 and weigh about 125 pounds(really skinny, Easy to detox?) i plan on getting some type of pills from a head shop.. but i just wanna know what you think.. will i be able to detox in time? and what are some tips?


Scott Answered:
Takes 25 to 30 days. Good luck with that.

Marina Answered:
Don't do drugs.

bountyhunter Answered:
stay clean……….if not u will have hard time geting a job or keeping one

Robin Answered:
You are so not going to pass that drug test. Sorry.

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