How to improve my body in two weeks?

armed with a Asked: How to improve my body in two weeks?

My first day of high school is in exactly 2 weeks. I am 5'3 and I weigh 123 pounds. I'm not Planning on losing like 10 pounds but 3-5 pounds would be nice. I just want to impress people on my first day. My body is good right now, I just would look it to be a little thinner. Any short diets or cleanse treatments like the Lemonade diet to help me shed pounds in this amount of time. And how much exercise should I do? Thanks in advance


Nay Sayer Answered:
No sugar, or carbs. Run everyday and drink plenty of water.

JavaJoe Answered:
Two weeks is not enough time to make any difference.

Any weight lost will simply be water weight and will come back the minute you replenish those liquids you lost.

And any short term fad diets can seriously mess up your metabolism causing you to gain more weight later on.

Brenna Answered:
sweety everybody is beautiful in there own way you need to love yourself and get your head out of magazines and look in the mirror and realize YOUR BEAUTIFUL! trust me i had the same issuse b4 im taller than most girls i used 2 get pick on and i wear glasses 2 but i woke up one day and realized tha God made me in his image and that im beautiful too yea i lost tha glasses and got so pretter clothes and i wear makeup every now and then now i model and its all because i saw my beauty no one can see yours until you see it 🙂

Anisha Begum Answered:
Honey Everyone Is Beautiful !

Well If You Dont Feel Beautiful Go To A Mirror Think Like If Someone Said To You Your So Pretty And All that And Then You will Feel Beautiful Or Put Some Foundation On!

Remeber Everyone Is Beautiful!

Jackiee Answered:
its hard when you feel bad about yourself, i understand.
what i use to clear up my face is the Olay cream cleanser plus blemish control and i really like.
cleared up most of my zits in a week. youll find glasses you like.dont worry. if you want to get rid of your dark circles, use a concealer. i use the benefit erase paste and i love it!
you are beautiful, never forget that!

hope i helped!

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