Rocking Body Raw Food – Weight Loss Detox Review

Most people always ask themselves of ways on how to shed excess pounds and stay fit for the rest of their lives.

However,Joy Houston discovers a ways on how to achieve a perfectly fit body.

People mostly have conflicts between what they want to eat and what they should eat, count calories than the nutritive value in the food that they are eating.

However, with foods that are nutritive, one can actually get the needed nutrients without gaining excess weight.

The secret is ingesting alkalinizing agents in the body system to alkalinize the ph of the blood that helps the body become more energetic and healthy.

Surprisingly, alkalinizing agents are found in raw food.
Thus, Joy Houston thought of a program that will not only help individuals shed off pounds but to develop a taste for raw food through its numerous and deliciously made raw foods.

Thus Joy introduces the 14 Day Raw Food Cuisine Program, an intensive course for 14 days that will help individuals explore the benefits of raw food to the body and many different creative ways to prepare it.
It is called as the Rocking Body Raw Food which includes a package of benefits such as the Rocking Body

Raw Food Book, a book in PDF format which includes pictures of food and food preparations, hyperlinks and resources to the website together with topics such as the 5 essential tips for success, commonly asked questions, and other interesting topics.

Also available is 14 days of recorded cooking videos in preparing raw food.

There are also available video series before beginning the program and also includes calendars, worksheets, checklists, food recipes and resource guides to the website.

Another plus is that there is a 60 day membership to the website which is also filled with benefits and a dashboard homepage.
For the price of $147, there are also added bonuses such as the Raw Food Fiesta, Rocking Raw Desserts, Trawtoria Italiana, Spotlight on Salads and many surprise bonuses available in the website.

Indeed fitness is essential for a healthy lifestyle and thus keeping healthy is one of the must be human concerns.