Undecided Question: Tips to be healthier?

N Asked: Undecided Question: Tips to be healthier?

So school is starting in just over two weeks and I was wondering if you have any tips to just look and feel better in that amount of time. I don't need to lose weight but would like to be toned and just feel better. I'm not a huge exercise person and I honestly can't run because of my asthma. I try and go to yoga once a week and follow a vegetarian diet. So I was wondering if you guys have tips to clear toxins from your body.
Also, I've been hearing a lot about cleanses, does anyone know of good ones?


if you keep your calories low and walk and do crunches and stuff you should start to tone up and loose the body fat making u not look toned.

There is no scientific backing for cleanses. Your body removes all of its bproducts by itself, and does not need medicine or foodstuffs to help it, unless one is sick. If you wish to lose weight, eat less calories and spend more time outside. I could make this much more complicated, but if you just eat less bread and pasta and more fruit and vegetables, you'll be fine.

Drink water eat more fruits avoid spicy foods and yea at least walk if you can't run you will feel great!

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