Undecided Question: What’s a healthy homemade cleanse for weight loss?

ilovezachparise9 Asked: Undecided Question: What’s a healthy homemade cleanse for weight loss?

Hi I'm 5'4" and 137 pounds. I try to eat healthy and exercise daily, but I feel no matter how hard I try I can't drop any pounds. I don't want to become a stick I just want to feel good about myself and my health. I was wondering if anyone knew of a safe cleanse/detox recipe to get rid of all the toxins in my body to kick start a new me. I've heard of numerous things you can get at vitamin shops and such, but I don't want to buy anything or swallow random powders and drinks that I can't even pronounce. I just want a simple at home cleanse and need a little guidance. Any suggestions are greatly appreciated ! 🙂


Greeeeeeen tea make it ur buddy 🙂 also try wii games or buy Zumba DVD or wii those work out are fun and fast effective u'll see results within days , just stick to it with healthy diet and cut out carbs and junk food.

Sunny Bubblegum Answered:
this is alot, you are stripping your skin of it natural oils, drying it out, your need to tone down all the products you are using!

Just Me Answered:
WAY over the top.

bRiTiSh Answered:
It's very good routine. I just have a few suggestions and comments.
The serum isn't really necessary and is just piling extra stuff onto your skin. At night, you should only be cleansing your skin once. If you do it more than that it can make your skin incredibly dry. And you haven't mentioned how you take off the rest of your make-up (that is if you wear foundation). If you do wear it, you should use a face wash to wash it before washing with a face wash, then cleansing.
Also, you should only really exfoliate once a week. You don't want your face to be stripped of it's natural oils.

Kitty Answered:
Honestly, I think you are using too many products.Keep your skin cleansing more simple.
I am a 68 yr old woman, and a grandmother, I have used Nivea face cream since Iwas 14.
I have used just basic cleanserseg: Simple soap, cold cream, and now I use baby wipes, which clean off my make up,also water proof mascara.
Don't use all those products on your face,or you'll end up upsetting your skin, let your skin breathe a bit
seek help about skin types, if your not sure.
And I have lovely skin,hardly any wrinkles,and look still quiet youthful.
Hope this helps.

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