Will my Juice fast ruin my metabolism?

Mmkay Asked: Will my Juice fast ruin my metabolism?

I recently started a juicing fast, currently on day 2. But I’m really only doing this to detox my body, not to lose weight. I’m actually pretty skinny and my diet isn’t normally that great. I just have a fast metabolism, so I pretty much stay skinny.

So I’m wondering, if I finish my 10 day fast, then start eating like I usually do, would I start gaining weight? Would the fast ruin my metabolism?


Iyad Answered:
Who suggested this to you ?? you should not fast juice in order to gain weight. Just eat high calories foods pizza,pasta,bread, candy .. refraining from drinking juice is never a solution to anything.
MGR Answered:
Once u go back u gotta start eating more like for ex 5-7 meals a day(small meals) drink some black tea or coffee, and this will boost ur metabolism back to ur way or even faster.
osoooo Answered:
as long as you dont binge when you are finished with the fast you wont gain weight. But the fasting is actually good for your body.

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