Would I lose weight if I did that?

Ella T Asked: Would I lose weight if I did that?

Ive tried a lot of diets throughout my life,and none was able to satisfy me.
So I thought to myself "Why not make my own plan?"

Every day has a category (more like the detox diet), but lunch will always be homemade soup, or blended .I have to exercise every morning for 20 minutes. Move as much as I can (jump rope, dance..etc during my free time), and I have a habit of drinking a lot of water throughout the day.Limited calorie intake of course! Example:

Sat- Vegetable day: Eat cherry tomatoes and chili (to help metabolism) on fiber slices for breakfast with green tea.
For lunch I make some type of soup with different vegetables (of course each week I get a different flavor).

Sun- Fruits : Breakfast: Any fresh juice (pineapple, grape fruit..etc) with slices of watermelon.
Lunch I get a fruit salad, or fruit soup.
Green tea for the night.

Monday- Dairy products daaay!: Breakfast: Organic greek yogurt and a glass of soy milk.
Lunch: Oatmeal (with skimmed milk). Green tea for the night.

Tuesday: Fast day, nothing but water and tea (to make sure the previous calories were properly consumed) and extra work outs.

Wednesday – Juice day : I drink juice, tea..Anything as long as it is liquid throughout the day (with a limit).

Thursday – Meat & poultry (protein) day: Breakfast Ill have a mashed boiled egg with tea.
Lunch chicken soup ! 😀

Friday- More serious fast day, I have to make sure the protein is fully digested! (Ill sleep early to start with Sat!)

Do you think this would help me lose weight?


spectrawolveress Answered:
It might help you lose weight in fat AND muscle. You need to be eating AT LEAST 1000 calories a day or you could put your body into starvation mode. Also, you need to put more protein in that diet to help your muscles. Once a week isn't enough…more like once a day if you're going to be working out.

SlinkyPinky Answered:
Yes, but you will put the weight back on when you start eating normally.

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